Work Experience - Parents Help

Every Year our Year 10 Students have the opportunity to gain Work Experience for two weeks, giving them a valuable insight to the world of work as well as giving them more confidence to  prepare for finding their own employment.

As many of the Schools seem to be on work experience at the same time there may be a shortage of quality placements for our students.  

Are  you  working,  know  of  any  family  or  friends  who  work  in  the  following  categories  and may be  willing to accept  students  for this period?

  •                Administration     
  •                Business and  Office  Work 
  •                Building  and  Construction   
  •                Catering and Hospitality
  •                Computer  and  IT 
  •                Arts
  •                Crafts  and Design
  •                Education and Training 
  •                Legal  and Political  Services   
  •                Leisure     
  •                Print  and Publishing   
  •                Performing  Arts  
  •                Retail sales
  •                Mathematics and statistics
  •                Armed Forces 
  •                Transport and Logistics
  •                Engineering  
  •                Environment
  •                Plants and Animals
  •                Financial Services
  •                Banks
  •                Healthcare
  •                Languages
  •                Information and Culture 
  •                Sport and Tourism   
  •                Manufacturing  
  •                Advertising Media
  •                Health and Beauty  services   
  •                Customer services 
  •                Science
  •                Security
  •                Social Work and Counselling  services  

If you can help our Students to gain this valuable experience in their chosen field, please phone:

  •       Mrs Gough Work Related Learning Guidance and Careers Co-ordinator
  •       Direct Tel: 02380386532 Ext 129

Telephone: 023 80328200 Email: