Work Experience


WORK EXPERIENCE: 11th ­­­- 22nd November 2019


Work Experience. Do you understand what this is?

If not, this page will hopefully give you a better understanding.

Work experience can contribute to an individual’s development by:

•Increasing motivation to study.

•Clarifying the relationship between the curriculum and the outside world.

We believe that the learning that takes place during this two week placement and the subsequent follow up work that is undertaken in school after the placement is invaluable to many pupils maturation not only as a person, but in terms of their general career thinking.


As a school we work with a partner organisation EBP South, who help organise and manage Work Experience placements for our students.

EBP south has a database of employers who are prepared to offer their time and services to facilitate our work experience needs. Over the next few weeks students will have the opportunity to discuss with their form tutor, their friends and of course parents/carers, which type of occupational area they would like to enter for their work experience.

At this stage we would like to emphasise that we talking about work experience and not a job trial.

Students will be able to use the system wherever internet access is available, this means that students will be able to search and apply for placements at home as well as in school. Parents/carers will also be able to track the progress of the student’s applications. Representatives from the EBP South will be in school on the 19th March 2019 as part of our curriculum enrichment day to explain to students about their computer based database and booking process.


It is possible for students or their parents/carers to arrange for an “Own Placement”. This must be a 2 week placement with a company or organisation that you have approached yourselves.

The form would need to be completed by the employer, and yourselves. EBP South would then contact the organisation to discuss the aims and objectives of work experience, to check on the working environment ensuring that it was safe and suitable for young people undertaking work experience. They also need to ensure that the organisation had the relevant employer’s liability insurance.

  • We will require all students to complete, either an own placement form, or complete the online application process during which they can give up to four work experience choices, along with information about which geographical area they can get to and transport details. Students and parents/carers MUST make sure that the students are able to travel to the placements they apply for. You need to do this before you submit the application. Own placement forms can be collected from the KS3 office.

At first sight these four choices may seem far too many, but it must be remembered that with several local schools all trying for similar placements, not all students will get their first choices. Flexibility in approach is essential.


  • Think about and start applying for work experience straight away, as it is a long process.
  • Choose wisely, it may be difficult to change. There is also an admin charge of £35 for cancelled placements by EBP South, once the paperwork has been processed.
  • Discuss work experience with as many people as possible for ideas and inspiration.

Here are some websites that offer quizzes and information to assist with possible career choices. This in turn may help when thinking about work experience:


Once an employer has accepted a student for a placement;

  • If you do not accept the placement, a charge of £35 will be incurred by Parents/Carers.
  • If you wish to change a placement, a charge of £35 will be incurred by Parents/Carers.
  • You cannot apply for an “own placement” and an EBP placement online at the same time.

Parent/Carer signature on a consent form on the next page of this booklet will be required and indicates that you have read the form and approve of your daughter’s work experience placement choices. The form should then be returned to the KS3 office by 14th March 2019. Please ensure your daughter only chooses occupational areas that she is genuinely interested in and that the employer she chooses is in a location she able to travel to and from. All work experience arrangements must be finalised by 24th May 2019.


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