Updates since first publication

24th July: Risk Assessment added to introduction page.

14th August: Risk Assessment updated:
  • The notes at the beginning have been drawn together into an introduction
  • Some minor changes to clarify the headers of the table.
  • Some changes have been made due to updated government guidance during the holidays:
    • Notes on elimination, substitution, engineering controls and administrative controls have been added to the introduction.
    • A slight tweak has been made about face coverings on page 6
    • A reference to the updated advice on cleaning has been made on page 13
    • Adjustments have been made to the information about shielding on page 16 now that this is currently paused.
26th August: Risk Assessment and guidance tweaked to change "7 days" to "10 days" for the time of self-isolation.
28th August: A number of updates:
  • Expectations around the use of face coverings in communal areas.
  • More information about the staggered part-day for pupils on Tuesday, 8th September.
  • Children can arrive from 08:00 rather than be encouraged to arrive between 08:30 and 08:40.
  • Encouragement of children to use the toilet during lesson time rather than wait until social times.
  • That the school and the catering company that runs the canteen will not be able to handle money.
  • Information about the video tour and the invitation to parents to visit the school site.
  • A comment about school uniform being harder to obtain from suppliers at the moment.
  • An added section about transport.
  • Included what equipment we would advise sending children into school with.
  • That on PE days, pupils should come in wearing their PE kits to avoid the use of the changing rooms.
 1st September:
  • Risk assessment updated to align with new protocols on face coverings.
  • Updated transport information with a new dedicated bus service to help meet demand for St Anne's students travelling from Lordshill/Aldermoor/Millbrook/Shirley area by Blue Star buses.
7th September:
  • A section on pastoral systems and attendance support for parents was added.
November Lockdown:
  • Updated to include the expectation around face coverings in classrooms.
February 2021:
  • Updated title of section from "September Reopenings" to "COVID Adaptations".
  • Updates throughout to change tense to show adaptations are ongoing rather than coming in the future (this was first written in summer of 2020).
  • A section on asymptomatic testing has been added.
  • A section on testing before returning has been added. 

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