Our uniform code comes from our vision statement.  Our community is inspired by simplicity and family equality and so our pupil dress code ensures that no member of the school stands out from others while at school.  


All pupils are expected to wear full uniform from their first day until the last day of their exams in Year 11. If your daughter is in Year 11, please make sure that she has correct, well-fitting uniform for the duration of the year, including the exam season. It is not possible for pupils to wear alternatives.  Full uniform must be worn both to and from school as well as in school (including shoes).  



When purchasing shoes, please make sure that they are comfortable and suitable for walking the distance to and from school. All pupils are expected to wear correct shoes at all times. If a girl cannot for medical reasons, she should present herself to the pastoral hub as soon as she arrives with a note, preferably from a GP, to explain.  Please see below for more details and pictures of appropriate school shoes. 


Jewellery and piercings 

We know that pupils sometimes wish to get piercings, especially in the summer holidays. The only jewellery that pupils are allowed to wear when at school or in uniform is as follows: 

  • Small (size of the piercing), round, plain (single material) studs (gold-, silver-, pearl-coloured) - one per ear lobe, may be worn by girls with pierced ears.
  • A small, plain metal cross or crucifix may be worn on a plain metal chain.

No other piercings are permitted (this includes being covered with a plaster). Retainers or clear jewellery are not permitted under any circumstances. Acrylic/false nails, nail varnish and make up are not permitted.  Parents are requested to ensure that girls bear this in mind when considering a new piercing.  Girls in breach of these rules will be required to remove items.


PE Kit

Pupils are expected always to have their PE kit on the appropriate days and be changed in lessons unless under extreme circumstances, agreed in advance by their PE teacher. 

If a pupil is excused from PE for any reason (due to illness or injury), a note should be given to their teacher, explaining the reason.  If this is likely to be long-term, then medical evidence may be requested.  They should still get changed and join in with the lesson in a capacity that is safe and healthy to do.  This could include roles such as coach, umpire, official or performing skills which do not cause further injury.  This will ensure that pupils still feel part of the class community and are then able to join in more easily when they are fully fit.

The health and safety of all participants is at the heart of our decision-making and pupils will be expected to follow the reasonable requests of staff.


In matters of uniform, we do not make exceptions and the school’s decision is final.


Our uniform is stocked by Skoolkit (Eastleigh and Totton) and Koolskools (Shirley).  You can order from both online.  You need to buy both normal uniform and PE uniform from our official suppliers.  Please do not try to buy uniform items from other retailers because you may be disappointed when your daughter is asked to wear correct uniform.


Please contact the school for details of our second-hand uniform store.  Support for pupils receiving pupil premium are available: please email the school.  If you are ever worried about the cost of uniform, please contact your daughter's head of year who will support as much as possible.


Shoes that meet uniform requirements
Shoes that do not meet uniform requirements
Earrings that meet uniform requirements
Earrings that do not meet uniform requirements
Uniform grant
We are able to help with the cost of uniform if you child receives pupil premium funding.  Details are in the form below, which you can find in Excel and PDF formats.

Telephone: 023 80328200 Email: info@st-annes.uk.com