Transport to and from school

Transport to and from school

It remains that parents are responsible for ensuring their child is safely able to travel to and from school at the correct times. 


However, we understand that this may be more difficult than usual for those that use public transport, particularly as schools go back and there will be an increased demand on buses and trains. Please leave plenty of time for the journey as it may be that buses or carriages have lower capacity than previously and your child may need to wait longer to board.


We would urge children to walk or cycle if at all possible. We have multiple sets of bicycle racks for use by pupils and staff. 


We have been working with the local authority to identify where pressure points may come so that they can work with public transport companies to bolster services where it is most needed. As part of this liaison, there is now a dedicated bus service to help meet demand for St Anne's students travelling from Lordshill/Aldermoor/Millbrook/Shirley area. Blue Star buses have devised a dedicated school bus numbered 517. This service will be available for St Anne's students only (the general public will not be allowed to use). Normal Bluestar fares will apply and can be brought onboard the school bus. The bus timetable can be at:

On any bus, please ensure that children sit in family groups, or within year groups wherever possible. Please ensure your child understands that they will need to wear a face coverings on the bus.


If you intend to drive your child to school, we would advise dropping off away from the school and for your child to walk the last section. It is worth noting that some roads close to the school have been pedestrianised on a trial basis which will be good for walkers and cyclers but may be an issue for those trying to drive up to the school. More information about this change to the local roads can be found here

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