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Hubs for year groups: These will not be in place for September. Rooms will be grouped by subject as in normal years. This will allow more specialist resources to be available to our teachers and pupils, and for them to be taught in specialist rooms more often.


One-way system: We will be scrapping the majority of the one-way system around school, but keeping some aspects of it during changeover to help the flow around the ground floor of the building and up into the first floor of North Block. In the middle of lesson time pupils can take the shortest route to their location.


Hand sanitizer stations and cleaning caddies: Hand sanitizer will remain in place for next year, as will the caddies of wipes, cloths and sprays. Supplies of these will be checked regularly.


CanteenWe will return to hot food being eaten in the canteen only. The canteen can be used by any pupil, not just year 7. Queuing for the canteen will remain in Room 44 after the lesson has finished to allow easier flow into Oliver Block. Tape will be removed from the floor in room 44 and pupils will queue in year groups. Year 11 and sixth form will be able to go straight in via the Oliver Block entrance to allow them to more quickly get to revision classes. Staff will also go straight in via the Oliver Block entrance.


Paying for school-related items

Like many shops, we are not handling money, and so all such transactions need to go through our ScoPay system.


Social Times: We will go back to the playground being non-segregated and can be used by all year groups. The quad can be used by year 11s, sixth formers and staff. Years 9 and above may use a tutor base or designated classroom during social times; years 7 and 8 must be in the vestibule, hall or playground. The hall will be for the exclusive use of years 7 and 8 for the first half term.


PE changing RoomsWe have spent a year with pupils being able to wear PE kit into school when they have PE lessons or sports fixtures. It has had some positive benefits, but also some drawbacks. We are going to trial going back to changing for PE and sports fixtures for a term and then review with pupils, staff and parents as to which is a better system. As such, this term pupils will be wearing school uniform to and from school, and around school, and then changing into PE kit for PE lessons and sports fixtures. 


LibraryThe library will be able to reopen at social times and have different year groups in at the same time.


After-school provision: After-school provision in the form of our homework club will continue from 15:25-16:25 on Mondays to Thursdays. There will also be more clubs starting, some of which may be after school. 


Cleaning Staff: We will continue to hire three extra cleaning staff to maintain the high standards of hygiene needed.  

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