The School Site

Hubs for year groups: Year groups are, for as much as rooming allows, grouped into certain parts of the site for lessons. On our site, there are areas where year groups come into closer proximity. Our site won't allow anything else (we don't have 6 canteens and 6 sets of toilets, for example!). Year 12 and 13 form one group rather than two (hence 6). There is much more teaching outside of normal department rooms as a result.


One-way system: We have a one-way system around the school, which ALL will follow. This is an important part of how we reduce contact between students of different classes. Much of the time, a year group is grouped within an area of school, so the one-way system is mainly relevant when pupils go beyond their year group area. See the end of this information for a plan of the school.


Hand Sanitiser stations: We have hand sanitisers outside every classroom across the school site as well as at entrances and exits.


Canteen: We strongly encourage children to bring packed lunches to school to avoid crowding the canteen. However, there will be hot food to buy. We allow hot food in lidded containers to be taken out of the canteen and eaten in the playground where possible, only being taken inside where this is not possible due to the weather. It is worth noting that the cash machines in the vestibule are not being used by the catering company and so the only way to top up your child's account is online via ScoPay.


Paying for school-related items

Like many shops, we are not handling money, and so all such transactions need to go through our ScoPay system.


Sixth Form Common Rooms: These remain as sixth form students will be within one bubble. It also removes the need for sixth formers to be elsewhere around school. They have been given guidance on how to use the space appropriately in terms of numbers and hygiene.


Social Times: We have 4 sections of the playground for 4 different year groups, and the quad for year 11. Extra staff are on duty at break and lunchtime to support this.


PE changing Rooms: To avoid the need to use the changing rooms, we ask that students who are doing PE come into school wearing their PE kits, which they are able to wear for the whole day. They may wish to wear their school jumper or blazer over their PE kit for other lessons.


Pastoral Provision: Pastoral provision remains a central part of our work. Adaptations to allow students to meet with and get support from our pastoral staff and services are in place (see "Pastoral Systems and Attendance") 


Library: Due to the nature of the library being a space where multiple year groups congregate, it is not possible for the library to operate in its normal form. The virtual library on Teams allows pupils to engage with our library programmes and community. Free e-books are available, and students can request physical books which are delivered to, and picked up from, year group hubs.


After-school provision: After-school provision in the form of our homework club remains in operation, with year groups split up into different areas of the school.


Cleaning Staff: We have hired three extra cleaning staff to maintain the high standards of hygiene needed.  


Posters: There will be Catch it, Bin it, Kill it posters in each classroom, SHOW posters are around the school, as well as posters showing how to correctly wear face coverings. 

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