The Curriculum



Our approach: Pupils continue with their full curriculum: we have decided not to scrap some subjects for extra English and maths. We have always felt that learning as full a range of subjects as possible is important, and recent disruptions does not change that view. However, the way we teach our subjects has had to be adapted for some, such as music and drama. For some students in key stage 4, they may wish, on the advice of teachers and with the consent of their parents, to drop an option subject and move to study support sessions. We expect this to be a small number of students.


Disrupted Delivery: There is always the risk of disrupted delivery to our curriculum due to students being offsite. This could be due to individuals self-isolating while waiting for test results, groups being directed to go home, or, as has happened in the Spring Term the entire school being shut again. When we move to remote learning MS Teams, and we have a remote learning plan that covers all these eventualities which can be found below.


Trips: Based on the national guidance, sadly, residential trips are not yet able to go ahead. We take guidance on whether day trips can. Where they can happen, we will keep these to an absolute minimum and only where they are directly needed for curriculum delivery.


Extra-Curricular Provision: Due to these often being cross year group, and also in places where students may need to move into hubs that are not for their year group, these were not be able to take place in person at the start of the year. Where guidance allows, we are running limited provision for year specific groups to keep hubs intact.

We encourage the rest of our provision to continue on Microsoft Teams. With regards to sports fixtures, we will follow advice from external sporting organisations if these go ahead.


Work Experience: Work Experience for year 10 was unable to go ahead in 2020. We are starting the process of planning for November 2021 for current year 9 pupils in case we can run work experience by that point in the year.

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