Term Dates and School Day

Term Dates for pupils and students 2022 2023
2022-2023  Term Begins for pupils  Half Term  Term Ends for pupils
 Autumn Term
Friday, 2nd Sep (Year 7 only) 
Monday, 5th Sep (All pupils)
Monday, 24th Oct -
Friday 28th Oct
Friday, 16th Dec
(Early Closure)
Spring Term 
 Tuesday, 3rd Jan
Monday, 13th Feb -
Friday, 17th Feb
Friday, 31st Mar
(Early Closure) 
Summer Term   Monday, 17th Apr
Monday, 29th May -
Friday, 2nd Jun
Thursday, 20th Jul
(Early Closure) 
School closures for pupils during term time for 2022-2023

Thursday, 1st September

Staff INSET Day 

Monday, 19th September

Bank Holiday to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Friday, 7th October

Staff INSET Day

Friday, 25th November

Staff INSET Day

Monday, 1st May

Bank Holiday

Monday, 8th May

Bank Holiday to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III

Monday, 26th June

Staff INSET Day

Friday, 21st July

Staff INSET Day

Early Closures for pupils for 2022 2023
Date of early closure Time of early closure
Wednesday, 28th September 14.25
Wednesday, 12th October 14.25
Friday, 16th December (last day of term) 12.30
Wednesday, 18th January 14.25
Tuesday, 7th March 14.25
Friday, 31st March (last day of term) 12.30
Friday, 19th May 14.25
Wednesday, 14th June 14.25
Thursday, 20th July (last day of term) 12.30
Timings of the School Day 2022 2023

08.40 – 09.10

Registration/Tutor Time/Assemblies

09.10 – 10.10

Period 1

10.10 – 11.10

Period 2

11.10 – 11.35    


11.35 – 12.35

Period 3

12.35 – 13.25


13.25 – 14.25

Period 4

14.25 – 15.25

Period 5

Total weekly compulsory time in school each week: 33.75 hours. 
2023-2024 Term Dates in Calendar Form

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