St Anne's GCSE Results 2022

25th August 2022

St Anne’s students collect their hard-earned GCSE results.


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St Anne’s year 11 pupils are celebrating receiving their GCSE results decided by exams, the first time since 2019.


Despite an expected drop nationally in GCSE grades this year St Anne’s results have increased compared to 2021.


For the standard pass, an impressive 85% of students received a grade 4 in both English and maths, up 5% from 2021 and up 7% from 2019 when the last set of formal exams was sat.


For the strong pass, 69% of students achieved a grade 5 in both English and maths, up 5% on 2021 results, and up 9% on 2019 exam outcomes.


For the highest grades, 33% of pupils achieved a 7 or above in both English and Maths.


Results across other subjects have also been really pleasing. Examples include over 90% of Spanish students achieving at least a 5 in the subject, and 100% of French students achieving at least a grade 4. Other subjects with a 100% pass rate at grade 4 and above include PE, product design, astronomy. Biology, chemistry and physics have a 100% pass rate at grade 5 or above and an average grade of an 8.


Mr Rouse, Headteacher, said: “We knew that our pupils were going to do well as we could see how resilient they were being over the last few years, and how supported they were feeling by both their teachers and their families. They should be really proud of how they have done. They have continued on magnificently with their learning despite the largest disruption to education since the Second World War. We are so proud to see so many young people achieving such great outcomes against all the odds.


My message to them is to remember that we are here for you regardless of where you are going next, and for those that are starting a new chapter in our Sixth Form College, we look forward to supporting you with hitting the ground running in September. We are pleased to be welcoming back increasing numbers of both our students and also students from other schools in the region to our Sixth Form College. Our enrolment day 10am to 12pm tomorrow: Friday 26th August.”

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