The national system of controls that schools had to follow last academic year have now been removed.


In their place schools are asked to take note of operational guidance and on which the following adaptations have been based. 


We are looking forward to getting back to something equating normality in September. It has been a year of challenges as we operate under different systems and processes, so we thought a section on our website explaining what is changing between last year and the new year starting in September 2021 would be helpful for parents to have all in one place. 


Much of this is simply reversing what we put in place last year. However, there are some positive working practices we have gained from last year which we are going to keep for next year. We have used the feedback from staff, students and parents that we gathered throughout the year.


One of the most important and urgent requirements will be the need for all students to undergo testing on their return in September. See the saliva testing section for more information.


Also, Parents Evenings will remain remote next year after positive feedback from both parents and staff. They will be from 16:30-19:30.


All these changes are subject to national restrictions not being re-imposed in future.

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