Parent Update 9th July 2021

9th July 2021

Dear Parents,


I hope that you and your families have had a good week.








Pupils should be doing at least one saliva test a week, or two LFD tests a week. 

The best option is to do one of each every week on different days.


Extra saliva and LFD test kits are coming out to pupils on Thursday 15th July. Test kits can also be picked up from the admin office.


Alongside other schools in the city (and nation) we have started to see an increase of cases affecting the school directly, as you will know from emails we have sent out earlier this week. We currently have children self-isolating in years 8 and 9. 


We are delighted that the long term picture is looking less disrupted, but for now it's clear we need to keep going with all the measures we have in place to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, and also to reduce the chances of facing the inconvenience of self-isolation.


All safety measures we have in school will continue until the end of term.


Next year

From September, school will feel very different as we remove many of the changes we put in place for this year. We will give more of an update on those changes next week. Thanks to everyone for letting us know your thoughts about what should change and what should stay for September over the year. Email with any ongoing thoughts. I read every one, even if I don’t always respond, so thank you. Through this email address we have had overwhelming support with the continuation of face coverings for now, and really positive responses about keeping parents evenings as online meetings next year. We've had feedback on coming to school in PE kits for the day, and also lots of support for going back to five periods on a Wednesday too (which we will be, as communicated a month or so back), so it is great to hear from you as we plan for a post-COVID future.


Have a good weekend

James Rouse



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