Parent Update 8th January 2021

8th January 2021

Dear parents

I hope that the first week of term has been smooth for you and your families.  Please do always feel able to get in touch with your daughter/son’s head of year if you are struggling or your circumstances have changed.  We want to help if we can and have access to agencies and services beyond education.


Critical worker and ‘vulnerable’ student provision

We are slowly moving into a routine here at school both as staff and also for those students who are coming into school currently.  A reminder that the forms for those accessing education at school until half term are on the website.  These forms now let you sign up for different days of the week, although our preference is for girls to come in every day so that their routine is disrupted as little as possible.


What to do if your child gets COVID

I am attaching a helpful flowchart about what to do if your child gets symptoms of Coronavirus, which I hope will be clear.  Our school procedures are still on the website and still apply.  Please continue to tell us if there are positive tests at home (the easiest way is by emailing


517 bus

Bus number 517 which was laid on to support St Anne’s students has been suspended during this lockdown.  The route is still served by the usual Bluestar 17 and 18 buses so, with reduced numbers commuting, there should be no issues coming in to school in the coming weeks.


If we need to ring you

Please remember that with some of our staff working from home, calls from the school may come from withheld or No Caller ID numbers.


Online good habits

Of course, the most important aspect of safety is to make sure you know what your children are doing online at all times.  It is also important to have open dialogues about the sorts of things that do happen online so that your children know that if anything unusual takes place, you will be happy to talk to them and unshocked.  Remember that whenever a child is approached by a suspicious person online, it is not the child’s fault, so our first reaction as adults is to be unshocked, positive and to try to fix the crisis.


With the increased number of hours spent online and in front of the screen during the day, it might be a good idea to:

  • encourage students to look away from their screen every 20 minutes or so, look about 20 metres into the distance and blink 20 times quickly (20-20-20 technique!)
  • ensure girls are not using devices during morning break (11.10-11.35) and lunch break (12.35-1.25)
  • develop good habits now about what to do at the end of the day and how much time to spend in front of screens after school hours.  The longer we leave it to develop these habits, the harder it is to create them later.


The following list of resources might help you with your monitoring of your children online:

We regularly remind the students that use of school devices (where relevant) and use of Teams is monitored by an agency.  We expect all use of ICT to be professional – that is, respectful (we sometimes use the prompts: would you say it to someone’s face? Would you mind if a grandparent read this?) and focused on the task at hand.  Thank you for your support in reinforcing this.


Local area development – Southampton’s ten-year strategy

A survey looking at the recovery of the city’s economy and growth of the city in the next ten years that has been sent by the city council can be found here if you want to participate.


Thank you

The change in routine affects us all and this lockdown feels very different to the one last spring/summer.  From an education perspective, it feels better and more stable and I hope you will agree.  From a wider perspective, it feels more hopeful with the vaccine beginning to be rolled out.  Thank you for your support, your patience, your kind messages to school and everything you are doing for your children on our behalf.  On Sunday, we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  As a school community, let us pray that this key moment of Christ being shown to the world and visible as God-made-man remains visible to us today and helps us to focus on the positives in these difficult times. 


Mr Waterfield

Deputy Headteacher

Telephone: 023 80328200 Email: