Parent Update 7th May 2021

7th May 2021

Dear Parent,


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St Anne's Catholic School Parent Update 7th May 2021


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Year 11 and 13 continue to impress with their focus and resilience through these final assessments. We are very proud of them. I spoke to year 11 this morning about the updated plans for after May half term based on their feedback, feedback from parents and offers from staff. We have an exciting menu of activities both remote and face to face that they can opt into as they see fit, including our "Step Up to A Level" programme that will prepare them well for their next steps into our sixth form or elsewhere. I will be sending more information out to year 11 parents very soon. Year 13 students have an exciting programme of MOOCs to engage with after May Half Term to prepare them for their next steps into university. We look forward to seeing what they learn!


Lockdown Heroes! 

Marking moments in history are important for all of us, and we wanted a simple way of remembering how we came through the last year. Every member of the St Anne's community is being given a pen and badge to mark them as "Lockdown Heroes". It's a small token, but something that our students and staff can keep to remember the journey they have been on, and how well they have coped given the circumstances.


Face Coverings

We expect to hear from the government in the next few days that the national expectation of face coverings in lessons will change when we reach the 17th May, and that the expectation will be only in communal areas like corridors. This has yet to be decided nationally. Regardless, as a school, we have always been more stringent than the national expectations; we introduced face coverings in lessons a number of months before it became the national expectation, for example. We do not expect to change our expectation on face coverings in lessons on the 17th May and they will remain for at least the rest of this half term. This is in alignment with other schools in the city.


Parent Parking around the back of school at the end of the day

We are facing an issue with the number of parents who try to pick up their daughters from the back of the school site near the junction between Carlton Crescent and Rockstone Place. We have some parents waiting on double yellow lines or even just stopping in the road. This is making it harder to keep everyone safe and the traffic moving. Thank you to parents for moving when we ask, but I would  urge parents to arrange a pick up point a few minutes away from the school site instead to reduce the amount of cars in the area at that time. We have asked the local traffic enforcement officers to come and have a look at that time of day to support us with this issue. Thank you for your support.


PE Kit Reminder from the PE department

Can we please remind you that pupils are not to wear either black or grey bottoms or leggings into school as part of their PE Kit.  The correct kit information and where to purchase it can be found in the front of your daughter’s planner.   If they have PE and do not have the correct kit or navy blue jogging bottoms, we ask that instead they wear either their school skirt or school trousers.  

Although the weather is gradually improving, pupils will also not be permitted to wear either their coat or non-uniform hoody/jumpers in their PE lessons.  They will be asked to remove them whilst they are in the lesson.  To avoid them from getting cold, the girls have been reminded to wear/bring their school jumpers into school on their PE days.

Thank you for your continual support.

Have a good weekend!

James Rouse


St Anne's Catholic School

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