Parent Update 4th September 2020

4th September 2020

Dear Parent,


I hope that your family's preparations for the start of the new academic year are going well. We are looking forward to term starting, have worked over the summer to get everything in place and are confident that all is ready.


It may be that your daughter (or son in sixth form) is raring to go, or it may be that there are some nerves about the start of the term (for both parent and child alike!). Either way, getting back into a routine will really help. Whenever I've found that there seems too much to face, I'm reminded of a great quote by Eleanor Roosevelt: We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it as not as dreadful as it appears, discovering that we have the strength to stare it down. I have no doubt that, before we know it, we'll be back to the routine and feeling like we've always been here.


A reminder that everything you need to know can be found at the September Reopenings section of our website. Thanks for the feedback we've received on how well informed we're keeping you as parents. It was great to be able to do tours of the school site yesterday afternoon for some who could make it and wanted it. For those that couldn't make it and would find it helpful, we've made a virtual tour of the school to show how we're going to be operating. It can be found here:


A reminder about the first few days: This can all be found on the Start of the Academic Year page of our September Reopenings section: but some highlights:


Friday, 4th September: Today we are welcoming our year 7s to our transition day. We are really looking forward to spending the day with them.


Monday, 7th September: This is our staff INSET day, so no students are expected on Monday


Tuesday, 8th September: This is our staggered part-days with different timings for each year group. Please check the link above for specific timings. Uniform is expected to be worn. Bring bags as there may be things handed out. This will be the chance for students to empty lockers too, so if you are in years 8-11, don’t forget to bring your locker keys!


Wednesday, 9th September: This will be our normal Wednesday timings. Note that we finish an hour earlier (at 2:25pm) on a Wednesday every week, including this one.


God Bless


James Rouse


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