Parent Update 31st March 2021

31st March 2021

Dear Parents,


As we reach the end of Spring Term, it has been lovely to see the school blossom back into life as pupils have returned after the national lockdown. The better weather means the playground is now full of pupils at break and lunchtime, chatting to their friends in their year group areas and eating together. We look forward to the day when the barriers can be removed and pupils can move around more easily in outdoor spaces.


It has been, yet again, quite the term, which started with a national lockdown and a return to remote education, and is ending tomorrow with our Passiontide service for pupils. We would like to welcome the whole school community, parents as well as students, to our Passiontide service, which will be streamed live online and available later via this same link. 


This is my 19th update to parents in this Spring Term alone, and I have heard from many of you that you appreciate the regular communication about what is going on in the school for your daughters and sons. In the recent parents survey 97% of you said we had kept you well informed through the pandemic, and this approach is something that we intend to keep up into the future. In fact, we have been thinking as a school, both staff and students, about what aspects of our school community we would want to restart, end, amplify and let go for ever. This enforced change to how we work gives us opportunity to re-invent aspects of our school, as well as reaffirm and deepen those aspects that are so important to us. We've discussed everything from lockers to parents evenings, from one-way systems to curriculum enrichment days and trips. I want to hear from you as parents too, please. What aspects of the way we used to be before the pandemic should be restarted and what should be let go forever? What aspects of the way we are NOW should be amplified into the future, and what should be ended? Here are some starting thoughts that might particularly resonate with you as parents, but feel free to go wider: remote parent evenings, communications home, website, information evenings, staggered starts and ends to the day, trips, curriculum enrichment days, lockers, year group hubs etc. Please let me know via


LFD Home Testing has been very successful. Thank you for your commitment to the safety of the school community by taking the time to do these tests and reporting them to us and the NHS. We have had reported over 2300 tests. I have heard anecdotally from students that they are doing the tests but then not reporting them if they are negative. It's really important that all test results, not just positive ones, are reported, please. All students have been given extra packs to take home for the Easter break and we are encouraging everyone to keep testing, and keep reporting, over the two week break. Thank you.


Please do join us live, or later, for our Passiontide service if you can. As we focus on Christ's suffering this Passiontide, we are reminded again of the sacrifice that He made for us to bring us back into the family of God. As a school community, we too have had to make sacrifices: many small and some very big. Passiontide reminds us that we worship a God who is not distant and separate, but has entered into our world and lived alongside us, has suffered alongside us, and ultimately, at Easter, been victorious over both suffering and death. May this bring us comfort and joy this Easter.


God Bless

James Rouse


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