Parent Update: 1st March 2021

1st March 2021

Dear Parents,


I hope this email finds you well. We continue to plan for the return of our school community and are looking forward to having everyone back. Our school website has been updated with a new section called "COVID Arrangements" which has all the information about our return. All the systems of controls we put in place last term remain such as one-way systems, hand sanitisers and face coverings, but it might be a useful reference point if you want to refresh your memory about anything linked to our current arrangements.


Saliva Testing Update

All the information about the saliva testing can be found on our website under COVID ARRANGEMENTS --> Asymptomatic Saliva Testing. However, some highlights are:

  • We have been asked if family members can pick up testing kits and drop off samples insteadof the student themselves. Yes, you can.
  • Testing kits for all St Anne's students can be picked up at the same time, regardless of year group, so older siblings can pick up testing kits for younger ones at the same time if that's easier.
  • Testing kits can be picked up during the day from 08:30-15:30, and we have also included one evening pick up on Tuesday from 17:00-18:00 for any families that need it.
  •  Drop off times are 09:00am-09:45am on Wednesday, 3rd March for years 10-13 and Monday, 8th March for years 7-9. If you are returning to Swaythling, the location has moved slightly and collection time is 9.15am-9.45am. Please check the attached PDF.
  • Drop off points: We have organised 13 drop off points around the city and beyond based on where larger numbers of pupils live and to help those on the outskirts of the city: St Anne's, Eastleigh, Totton, Shirley Warren, Shirley, Upper Shirley, Swaythling, Bitterne Park, Hightown, Woolston, St Mary's/Northam and the City Centre. See the attached pdf for the specific locations of where to drop off. 


Phased Return

The phased return days are based on ensuring that test results have time to come through. I can now tell you that:

  • Years 10-13 will be returning to school on Tuesday, 9th March.
  •  Years 7-9 will be returning to school on Friday, 12th March.


Expectations on return

From Monday, 8th March, students in school, whether already in as critical worker families, or returning from remote education, will be expected to be in full school uniform. They will follow their normal school timetable and follow all the normal rules we have had in place this year. As a reminder, all these arrangements can be found on our website under "COVID Arrangements".


After School Provision

After school provision in terms of homework club will restart from Monday, 8th March as we had before Christmas.


Critical worker provision in the week beginning the 8th March

For those eligible families, critical worker provision continues until the day their year group rejoins. As in previous weeks, there is a form to be completed on our website and can also be accessed by clicking this link



The dedicated "517" school bus service will restart from Monday, 8th March for those that need it. More information can be found by clicking this link.


Pupils who are shielding 

If your daughter/son has received a letter from their GP instructing them to shield, please email this to


Scaffolding and site works

We have increased site works around the school at the moment due to £1.3M project to improve the exterior of the school. Although this does not affect the daily working within the school for your child, it may make it even more difficult to get near the school in a car. I would ask that you continue to park away from the school and for your child to walk the final 5-10 minutes into school from there.


Free School Meals

For those families who have received vouchers via the Edenred scheme, we hope that you have found it a much smoother experience than when it was first launched in the summer. We have had a very small number of families report that they have redeemed vouchers, but they have not received them. If this applies to you, you can use this link to ask Edenred to look in to it for you. The last vouchers are being sent out this week and after this, there are no more planned vouchers. If you would like to claim a free school meal for years 10-13 on Monday 8th March, or for years 7-9 for Monday to Thursday next week, it will not be in voucher form. We will find an alternative method. Please email Emma Wright by clicking on this link, and include your name, and the name and year group of your child.


Governors Parent Questionnaire

On behalf of the governors, can I remind you of the parent survey they have published regarding the school response to the pandemic. Thanks to the 172 parents that have already completed it already. The deadline is the 5th March and it can be accessed by clicking this link.


God Bless

James Rouse


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