Parent Update 1st July 2021

2nd July 2021

Dear Parents,



  •          Year 9 and 10 on Mondays
  •          Year 7 and 8 on Thursdays
  •          Year 12 split between the two. 
  •          More information on Saliva Testing on our website.
  •          Attached to this update is the latest newsletter from the Hampshire and IOW Saliva Testing Programme.


95% of parents would recommend St Anne's!

Thanks to all of you who completed the online parent questionnaires over the year after a parents evening. The feedback has been really helpful. 

  •          96% of parents say their child is happy in school
  •          95% say their child feels safe. 
  •          94% say that the we make sure pupils are well behaved. 
  •          96% say there is a good range of subjects.
  •          94% say that we have high expectation of your child.


Although high, only 91% of you said the school lets you know how your child is doing, 74% say that we make you aware of what your child will learn during the year, and 89% say we support your child's wider personal development, and so these have informed our thinking as we have developed our school development plan for the post-Covid era.


517 Bus

A reminder that the 517 bus service ends today (Friday 2nd July). The 17 and 18 bus service takes the same route.


LFD Tests

As well as the saliva testing, pupils can also continue to complete LFD tests. Pupils can pick up pack from the admin office, and we will be distributing them on a large scale towards the end of term as saliva testing will cease over the summer holidays.


Summer Term Uniform Update
We are reminding pupils of the following. If they are planning to… 

•        change their hair colour 

•        get a piercing

•        coloured braids 

•        false eyelashes

•        or acrylic nails 

Please plan to do this at the start of the summer holidays so they have time to heal, or can be altered back, in time for returning to school in September. Thank you!


Talented Teachers!

One of our year 11 tutors, Miss Roberts, wrote and performed this amazing song for her year 11 tutor group and year group at the celebration assembly last week, and we thought we'd share it with you too! 


Talented Pupils!

We are delighted with the success of 12 of our musicians in Southampton Music Services' Con Brio Awards. Con Brio is the music services' own reward scheme for commitment and engagement in music making across the city. There are five levels: Largo, Adagio, Andante, Allegro and Presto. The first levels encourage students to get into a regular routine with their music making, building through to the top level where musicians are asked to make a significant contribution to music in their school and wider community. Well done to all 12.


Year 7:

  •          Ayesha, Clarinet, Adagio
  •          Mischa, Clarinet, Adagio
  •          Hannah, Cornet, Andante
  •          Poppy, Flute, Largo

Year 8:

  •          Isabel, Flute, Adagio
  •          Laura, Clarinet, Allegro
  •          Lily, Cello, Largo
  •          Mae, Cello, Presto

Year 10:

  •          Edwina, Flute, Adagio
  •          Mili, Flute, Adagio
  •          Lucy, Tenor Horn, Allegro

Year 12:

  •          Boronia, Clarinet, Allegro


Have a good weekend.

Mr Rouse

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