Parent Update 17th November 2021

17th November 2021

Dear Parents,


COVID Testing

Keep testing! If you are currently not testing, please speak to your child about restarting. Saliva Tests should be completed twice a week and handed in on Monday and Thursday mornings. The most recent newsletter from the testing programme is attached. Remember, the rules have changed, so if someone tests positive in your home, the rest of the family DO NOT need to also self-isolate, but are advised to go and get a PCR test. I say this in case the thought that the whole family needs to self-isolate for 10 days is putting some families off from testing.



Current reported numbers in the school are very low and we'd like to keep it that way, so please keep testing so we can find cases and stop the spread of the virus. Thank you.


Increase in common childhood infections

Due to the lack of mixing last year, we are seeing an increase nationally in common childhood infections this winter. The advice on managing these remains the same as it did in previous years, and the attached guidance from the NHS explains how to deal with everything from Chicken Pox to Tonsilitis. I would suggest storing it somewhere for when you need it. It will also be on the school website attached to this parent update.


All the best

James Rouse


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