Parent Update 16th March 2021

16th March 2021

Dear parents, 


I wanted to give you an update on how the LFD Home Testing is going. Yesterday, pupils in years 7-9 received their home kits, as well as training on how to use them at home. They should have come home yesterday with two blue boxes of tests and a guide on how to complete them. Pupils in all year groups should now have their test kits. If pupils in any year group missed out for any reason, then they can go to the admin office to pick up theirs. We will be setting up a central location for pupils to pick up new test kits in a week’s time as they get to the end of their supply.


It's been great to see that, at the time of writing, over 420 tests have already been completed so far for St Anne’s students in just the first few days, with no positive results from these tests so far. 


Yesterday evening, Microsoft Office 365 experienced an outage of a number of its systems across the world, including Forms. If you tried to log a result yesterday evening and couldn’t, please accept our apologies. The system is now up and running again and you can still log results from previous days. It is better to log late than not at all.


You will have seen from an email earlier today that we have had a positive case in the school, but that was not linked to these tests. However, with a school community of around 1300, the Southampton weekly infection rate of 70 per 100,000 would be the equivalent of around 1 person a week for a school our size, so I would be surprised if these tests didn’t detect a positive at some point in the next few weeks. If that happens, we will take the same precautions as we have always done. As disruptive as that is, the whole purpose of these tests is to find positive cases and to stop the spread of the pandemic. We will always keep you informed.


A reminder that you can watch a helpful video on how to conduct the tests here.


These tests are just for St Anne’s students, However, a reminder that, even if they don’t have symptoms, everyone in your household (and any support or childcare bubbles attached to your household) can book asymptomatic tests by going here, or pick up a test kit for themselves by going here. If you can’t go to the places these links mention, you can order test kits to be posted by going here.


Thanks for your continued support

God Bless

James Rouse

Telephone: 023 80328200 Email: