Parent Update 15th January 2021

15th January 2021

Dear Parents,


As we head towards the end of the second week of remote learning for all children, with some doing so from within school, we have been impressed with how well students are continuing to cope with this way of working. Following the school timetable definitely seems to be providing routine and structure. If your daughter or son is struggling with working from home, if your family circumstances have changed and you need help, or your daughter or son tests positive for coronavirus, please do get in touch with us and we will do all we can to help. If there are families who do not have wifi and are therefore working off mobile data only, we may be able to support you.  Please email and let us know. 


Times of the day


Some students are not quite sure of what time lessons start and end - a result of working to bells!  We print them here, in case they are useful to your family.


8.40-9.10 – Tutor time: students must check in on their tutor pages

9.10-10.10 – Period 1

10.10-11.10 – Period 2

11.10-11.35 – Break: schedule time away from screens

11.35-12.35 – Period 3

12.35-1.25 – Lunch: time away from screens as well as time to eat

1.25-2.25 – Period 4

2.25-3.25 – Period 5 (except on Wednesdays)


Hampshire and Isle of Wight COVID-19 Saliva Testing Programme

We continue to plan for the introduction of weekly saliva testing for all pupils and staff on site. I sent an email with more information about it on the 8th January. One minor change to this is that we have been told to prepare to start the programme from the week beginning the 25th January. This only affects those children onsite for now, and will be rolled out to all pupils on their return to face-to-face education, which is currently planned for after half term.


Year 11 and 13

There will shortly be a national consultation about how students in years 11 and 13 will be assessed now that national exams have been cancelled. Everyone, including parents and students, can have their say about these plans. We will let you know when we do about the opening of the consultation. In the meantime, it's really important that everyone keeps studying:

  • Keep studying because it is an inherently good thing to do. It makes us more rounded human beings and better informed about the world in which we live. It helps us make more informed choices and empowers us.
  • Keep studying because it gives us a positive activity to do while so many other activities are denied to us during the lockdown. This will help our mental health and sense of wellbeing.
  • Keep studying because the knowledge learnt will better prepare us for the next steps in our education, whatever they may be.
  • Keep studying because we are going to be assessed on what we have learnt, we just don’t know yet in what form that will take.


Our year 11 parents evening is happening remotely on Tuesday. To confirm: do not come to St Anne's for the event; we look forward to seeing you online. Information about all our parents evenings can be found by going to our website:


Reporting to parents

There are a number of year groups who are due to receive school reports in the next few weeks. These reports will continue whilst students are learning from home. However, we will not have the opportunity for students to write their targets. Therefore, the reports will go home showing the progress grades and attitude to learning but will not be completed with student targets. You will receive them in the post at the planned time.


Free School Meal Vouchers

We have heard that the national voucher scheme for families who would be in receipt of free school meals is starting again for next week. We are yet to get details, but will let parents know more as soon as we have information.


God Bless

James Rouse


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