Parent Update 11th February 2022

11th February 2022

Dear Parents,


Another great week at St Anne's! We've had sixth form trips to the ballet at the Mayflower, an amazing Dance Live event where our girls performed brilliantly, St Josephine Day, a successful sixth form parents evening, Year 9s visiting St Mary's Stadium as part of the "Premier League Inspires" Challenge, deeply moving lessons in year 9 on the Holocaust, fun group reading lessons in English for year 7, a Catherine House Charity event, staff and students taking part in the Synodal Church feedback to the Diocese on the future of the Catholic Church and lots more. Our girls have done us proud in everything they have done.


Face coverings optional from Monday, 14th February.

Case numbers continue to fall and are now lower than they were for some parts of last term. As such, we will be returning to face coverings being optional in the school. Unless exempt, pupils must still have a face covering with them as some teachers may ask for them to worn in certain situations such as a crowded classroom, or if there is someone in the room who is particularly vulnerable. It is good to feel this aspect of our school day is also returning to normality.


Adverse Childhood Experiences

We have received information about a 10 week programme for mothers who have experienced unhealthy relationships in the past as well as a separate programme for the children of those mothers.  The course starts on 17the February (and is from 10am-12noon every Thursday).  If you would like us to refer you, please contact Mr Waterfield or Mrs Trueick via


We wish our Year 11s well for their science and maths PPE exams next week, and we look forward to the year group masses taking place for years 8, 9 and 10 next Friday to celebrate the end of the half term.


Have a good weekend!

God Bless

James Rouse


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