What is Numeracy?

Numeracy is...

“…an ‘at-homeness’ with numbers and an ability to cope with the mathematical demands of everyday life… An ability to have some appreciation and understanding of information which is presented in mathematical terms, for instance, graphs, charts or tables or by reference to percentage increase or decrease.”

 (Cockcroft Report, 1982)


Numeracy at St Anne’s

Numeracy at St Anne’s starts during their maths lessons, and is developed depending on need. Pupils are set from year 7 in order to best move them on and to enable all pupils to reach their full potential.

Basic numeracy skills are developed through regular starters to lessons as well as part of main topics ensuring all students have the required numeracy skills to support them both inside and outside of school. Real-life maths and problem solving are a real focus in lessons.

Numeracy is relevant across the curriculum and it is being taught implicitly in many subject areas, such as geography and science, even English and MFL.

We have subscriptions to websites to help pupils to develop their numeracy skills outside of the classroom. Pupils are given logins to these websites which are written in their logbooks at the start of each year. These are:

However there are other useful free websites to use.


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