Photos of our new Sixth Form Centre!

27th March 2019

In March, the long-awaited build of our new Sixth Form Centre was finished and the builders of Spetisbury Construction handed back control of the site to the school.

Previously called House 3 (as its original address was 3, Rockstone Place), Spetisbury Construction have worked diligently to fuse the beautiful Victorian architecture with contemporary updates to make an awesome space for our sixth formers. The architects gave us a tour at the handover and we got the chance to look around the amazing building. Over the next few months, we will be furnishing the centre, and the space outside it, partly funded through the excellent work of our Parents and Friends Association and a generous donation from the LSU sisters.

This renovation and repurposing of House 3 was much needed, and will provide our sixth formers with a brand-new dedicated area in the school. With this addition to our facilities, our sixth form will provide the best of both a college and school sixth form experience: separate spaces for sixth formers to work, collaborate and socialise from the rest of the school, as well as remaining with (and leading!) the rest of the school community. This is perfect for both feeling distinct from the 11-16 part of the school and yet gaining much needed leadership and communication skills for adult life and UCAS applications. No wonder we have never had so many applications to the sixth form, and increasing numbers of Oxbridge, medicine and veterinary applications. 

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