Every teacher is a teacher of literacy: reading, writing, speaking and listening are vital communication skills and integral to learning.

We are committed to developing literacy skills in all of our pupils in the belief that it will support their learning and raise standards across the curriculum.

Dedicated time is given to literacy through Accelerated Reader and special events are held to celebrate and promote literacy. A bespoke programme of intervention provides all with the opportunity to improve their skills.


Accelerated Reader

Welcome to the home of Accelerated Reader (AR). It is an excellent way of helping your child make progress with her reading.

If you are new to the program, why not take a look at the parents’ guide? (link). It could not be simpler. Just log in with the Home Connect button below.

Every pupil in year 7 and 8 takes part in AR.  A range of specially coded books is available from the library for pupils to use.   What better way of improving those vital reading skills?

As a parent, you can track your daughter’s progress as she completes quizzes and moves on to the next level. You will be able to see the books she has read and her progress towards her reading target.


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'Lexia Core5 Reading' provides differentiated instruction for pupils of all abilities. Students work independently to develop critical reading and language skills through individualised, motivating learning paths. All students, regardless of their skill level, can work at their own pace and earn certificates. Please speak to the literacy coordinator for log in details.
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