Parent Update 25th June 2021

25th June 2021

Ice Cream! Self Defence 2

Dear Parents,


Hope you have had a good week. 





We were delighted to have come third in the recent Dance Live competition, the highest placed secondary school in the competition! See our latest Facebook post for more information on that and other activities taking place in the school:



Monday, 28th June is an INSET Day. Your daughter or son is not expected in school on Monday.


Saliva testing

We are restarting saliva testing as a school from next week. We strongly encourage everyone to take part.


Children and families can also continue with LFD testing if they wish as an alternative or as an extra precaution. However, these must be logged with us and NHS Test and Trace.


Students are having information sessions on Wednesdays so they will know more about it. More information can be found on our website, including a helpful video of how to conduct the tests:


Parents Evenings next Year

We are planning to keep parents evenings online for next year through the SchoolCloud system we have been using this year. This is because feedback has been so positive about the system from both parents and staff and we don't know for sure yet what the restrictions will be next year. If you have any strong feelings about that either way, do let us know:


Year 11!

We had a great send off for year 11 yesterday. As is our tradition now, teachers like to congratulate the year group with a cheesy video. This year is no different! See the video for this year, and indeed all the videos on our YouTube channel here.


It has been wonderful to see them get involved with so many activities over the last three weeks: everything from sociology classes to first aid to self-defense. They have taken control of their time and used it to excellent effect.


Our year 12 welcome day on Monday was well attended and came with free ice-cream! We look forward to seeing many back in September, along with a growing number of external students from regional schools.


Year 10 Taster Days

Year 10 students will have the opportunity to try out sixth form as part of their post-16 options guidance. Students have elected for a range of subjects that interest them and they will be non-school uniform for the day and, if there is parental permission, be able to go off-site at lunchtime. Students in side A of the year will have their day on Monday 5th July and students in Side B of the year will have theirs on Tuesday 6th July. 


Please note, Y12 will be working remotely during this day so that we can ensure public health restrictions are met.


Thank a Member of Staff

It was national Thank a Teacher Day this week. If you wanted to say thank you to any of our members of staff, then I know they appreciate it. You can use the national site (see link above), or instead use our Thank a Member of Staff Form. It really does give staff a boost.


Have a great weekend.

God Bless

James Rouse


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