We are very pleased that we can open fully in September. We have missed seeing and teaching your daughters and sons. We are looking forward to gathering the school back together again, albeit in an adapted way to ensure we are COVID-19 secure.

As we plan for September, the government have published a system of controls that we are expected to meet. Most of these we're already doing this term such as minimizing contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring they are not in school, and ensuring that we follow good hygiene rules. For September, the expectation that all members of the school community remain 2 metres apart ceases. Instead, schools must "properly consider" how to "minimise contact between individuals and maintain social distancing wherever possible" and must "put in place measures that suit their particular circumstances." We are taking into account our particular circumstances as we plan our risk assessment, which is available below.

This information is divided into sections on this site. Alternatively, there is a video version below.

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