Inspection: Ofsted Report 2022 and SIO Report 2023

In our inspection on 21 and 22 September 2022, we were delighted to be confirmed as continuing to be outstanding. 


The inspection team were thorough and left no stone unturned!  Some highlights for us include:

  • the positive experiences described by students, parents and staff
  • the recognition of the experiences of all students, including disadvantaged students, those from non English-speaking backgrounds and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities
  • the fact the inspectors saw how well-behaved our students are and how much people look after each other at St Anne's
  • the mention of the huge selection of activities outside of the classroom on offer
  • the acknowledgment of the expertise of our teaching staff
  • the mention that for us, safeguarding is about stopping problems before they arise
  • and, very specially to us, the fact that the inspectors mentioned several times how important our identity is to us!  We continue the amazing work started by our founders.
The full report can be read on the Ofsted website by clicking this link.
A more detailed summary can be found here.
You can download the report by clicking below.

In January 2023, we had our annual visit from our school improvement officer. The former inspector's full report can be found below and summarised as follows:


  • The school received its second outstanding inspection outcome in September 2022
  • Leadership and management have a strong grip on what the school does well and what the next steps should be.
  • Self-evaluation is accurate and is able to pin-point clear incremental steps for further improvements and maintaining the high quality of provision and outcomes
  • There is a very strong focus on inclusion, mental health and well-being for both students and staff.
  • High GCSE results were achieved in 2022.

Pupils: "[Behaviour and attitudes are] a strength of the school. The positive ethos is palpable. Students respond well to visitors and each other. There is a sense of care and responsibility amongst the pupils. Students’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary. They treat each other with respect and understanding. Relationships between students and staff are very positive."


Support: "Those pupils with SEND and other vulnerabilities are well served and provided for. Inclusion and personal values are a strength of the school." 


Personal Development: "Another real strength of the school. Leaders and staff are keen to provide the students with an all- round care and support package which supports their learning and personal growth. The ‘St Anne’s Interconnected Learning (SAIL) programme was launched this year. The programme is designed to provide all students with the full range of personal development opportunities."


Teachers: "The professional development for all staff is of a high quality and matches the school development plan steps. The teaching and learning communities (TLC) approach is used to ensure that all teachers are able to learn from each other and demonstrate improved approaches in their particular subject."


Middle leaders: "Subject leaders have effective knowledge in their areas of expertise and are aware of what their departments need to do to maintain high standards and support students’ progress." "The inclusion team is well led and provides students with a range of support, advice and signposting to other services and agencies. Students’ mental health is a priority for the school and the links between the pastoral leads and tutors." 


Senior leaders: "Leadership and management have a strong grip on what the school does well and what the next steps should be".


Governors: "Governors know the school well. They regularly visit and talk with staff and pupils. They act as effective ‘critical friends’ to leaders by providing appropriate challenge including understanding the performance data and looking at the outcomes and provision for vulnerable groups."

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