Important COVID-19 Testing Information 7th September 2021

7th September 2021

Good afternoon,


Summary of message:


Any year group: If your child completed their first onsite LFD test this morning and would prefer to do a saliva test than do the second onsite LFD test, they can bring it in on Thursday morning.


Years 10, 11 and sixth form: Saliva test drop offs are every Thursday.


Years 7, 8 and 9: Saliva test drop offs are every Monday.


Thanks to all parents who have ensured their children have handed in saliva tests on either the 2nd September or the 6th September. Thanks too to those parents who have returned consent forms for onsite LFD testing for this morning. We had a large number this morning, which is positive, but did disrupt some learning time for some pupils. Overall, we have had excellent coverage of the school population by at least one of those tests.


Many pupils waiting to complete their onsite LFD test this morning said they were doing the onsite LFD test because they had not been aware of the saliva testing dates and would prefer to do saliva testing if they could. For that reason we are allowing them to hand a saliva test in on Thursday instead of completing the second onsite LFD test. This is the case regardless of their year group.


For everyone else, we move to the weekly saliva testing programme that we have in place for the rest of September. These days are as above. More information can be found on our website: September Arrangements 2021


Thank you for your support.


God Bless

Mr Rouse


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