Expectations of pupils and what to do if you fall ill

Expectations of pupils


All normal behaviour expectations remain for pupils and the importance of them will be communicated to pupils in multiple ways.


One-way system: students will be expected to follow the one-way system at all times except on occasions where directed to do so by a member of staff or within a hub.


Hand sanitizer stations: These are located outside every classroom. They are to be used only when entering the classroom and on leaving the classroom. One squirt per time. They are never to be used at other times (such as passing in the corridor). Damaging and misusing equipment i.e. hand sanitizers is a serious offence linked to health and safety (equivalent to playing with a fire alarm) and pupils must understand that they are not to be tampered with.


Distancing: Students will be reminded to maintain distance where possible (particularly cross year group) and not touch staff and their peers.


Equipment and Lockers: Pupils will not be able to use their lockers. Please only bring in the essential items needed for lessons that day. We would suggest the following equipment would be helpful: 2x pens, 1x pencil, 1x white board pen, 1x eraser, 1x sharpener, 1x ruler, 1x calculator, 1x pair of compasses and 1x protractor. Having this available will reduce the amount of equipment that will reduce the need to transfer equipment.


Uniform: Pupils will be expected to be in full school uniform in September. They will be allowed to carry/wear coats around school as lockers will be out of use. They will be removed in lessons. We have been made aware by SkoolKit that there are some issues with getting hold of uniform. Do please keep trying, but don't let incomplete uniform stop your child from attending school. To avoid the need to use the changing rooms, we ask that students who are doing PE come into school wearing their PE kits, which they will be able to wear for the whole day. They may wish to wear their school jumper or blazer over their PE kit for other lessons.we will consider asking some groups, where needed, to come in to school in their PE kits for the day.


Face coverings: It will be expected that students and staff wear a face covering in communal areas. This includes corridors and the playground during social times. They will not be worn for the duration of eating food or drinking. It is expected, therefore, that there will be some variability of use in the playground during social times as some are eating and others are not. When worn, they are to be worn correctly, covering the nose and mouth fully. Guidance on how they should be worn can be found here. They are not to be worn in classrooms. Students will remove face coverings before entering the classroom and stored in a sealable bag and then use the hand sanitiser at the door. Staff will also follow this procedure to model correct usage. Face coverings can be plain or patterned, but should not have obvious logos or words on. Scarves or large pieces of cloth cannot be stored in sealable bags between use and so are not suitable as face coverings. Sadly, it is unfeasible for the school to provide face coverings or sealable bags for staff and students. Public Health England has provided guidance on how to make a face covering can be found here. We would recommend that face coverings used are reusable ones which can be washed, both for financial and environmental reasons rather than use disposable masks. We would ask that any disposable face coverings are taken home to dispose of rather than thrown in bins around the school to reduce the risk of a build-up of soiled masks around the school.


Use of toilets: We have decided to actively encourage pupils to use the toilets during lesson time rather than wait until social times to reduce the usage at busier times of the day. 


Falling ill: If your child falls ill for any reason, including with symptoms of coronavirus, follow the normal procedures and call the school on 02380 328200. If they have coronavirus-like symptoms, you must tell us as soon as you can on this number. Please be ready to:

•        book a test. Your child must not come into the school if they have symptoms and we will call you immediately to be picked up if they develop them in school.

•        provide details of anyone your daughter or son has been in close contact with if they were to test positive for coronavirus or if asked by NHS Test & Trace

•        self-isolate if they have been in close contact with someone who develops coronavirus symptoms or someone who tests positive for coronavirus. We will inform you if that needs to happen due to a case at school.

We will ask you to inform us immediately, via the school number, of the results of a test:

•        if your daughter or son tests negative, if they feel well and no longer have symptoms similar to coronavirus, they can stop self-isolating. They could still have another virus, such as a cold or flu – in which case it is still best to avoid contact with other people until they are better. Other members of your household can stop self-isolating.

•        if they test positive, they should follow the ‘stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus infection’ and must continue to self-isolate for at least 10 days from the onset of their symptoms and then return to school only if they do not have symptoms other than cough or loss of sense of smell/taste. This is because a cough or anosmia can last for several weeks once the infection has gone. The 10-day period starts from the day when they first became ill. If they still have a high temperature, they should keep self-isolating until their temperature returns to normal. Other members of the household should continue self-isolating for the full 14 days.

Telephone: 023 80328200 Email: info@st-annes.uk.com