17th March 2020 AM

17th March 2020

Dear Parent,

Partial closure TODAY for years 8 and 9

Due to the numbers of staff that contacted the school this morning due to the new advice given by the government late last night in terms of self-isolation, we are having to partially close today.

  • This partial closure is for years 8 and 9 only.
  • This is a decision for today only.

Decisions about tomorrow and future days will be made later today once we can see the longer-term impact and communicated to parents via ESchools, facebook, our website and the council website on school closures. Students in years 8 and 9 involved in Sister Act will be allowed to stay on site. We apologise for any disruption this causes and the lateness of the decision. We have made it as early as we could based on the timing of the information we have received.

Best regards

James Rouse


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