Work Experience

Students in Year 10 will be taking part in work experience from:

6th to 17th November 2017

  • Work experience planning starts in Year 9 during the March enrichment day

  • A business partner that St Anne’s work with is EBP South. They carry out all the necessary health and safety checks to enable students to undertake work experience safely

  • The work experience website is –

  • Students can use the EBP website to source placements if they want to. User names and passwords will be allocated on the next Enrichment Day – March 15th 2017

  • Once work experience is chosen from the website, the application will be processed and monitored but students also need to log on regularly to check updates

  • A placement however, can be secured without using the website and this can be done by approaching an employer directly to source an off-line placement.

Advice: sourcing a placement directly can be a much quicker process than using the web-site to find something

  • If a student decides to find a placement off-line that is fine, however the next enrichment day is being planned so that students can explore the website for ideas

  • It is a good idea to think about work experience as soon as possible; what would be interesting, how easy it is to get to an employer and whether the employer can provide 2 weeks work experience

  • It also often helps to talk to friends, family and any contacts that may be able to offer work experience

  • If a placement has already been secured or there are already some possibilities, that is ideal. It is never too early to enquire about work experience

  • If a placement is sourced ‘off-line’, then an off-line form must be completed and given to Sharron Ward as soon as possible

  • Consent forms must be completed for all placements, to enable us to carry out health and safety checks and to make sure the employer choice is right for the student. No student can undertake work experience without the right checks in place

When deciding on a placement it is important to think about interests, career aspirations and an employer that would be interesting to work for. However most importantly, an employer that will be easy to travel to.

Finally, things to remember regarding work experience:

  • Think about and start applying for work experience right away it is a long process

  • Choose wisely, it may be difficult to change. There is also a charge for cancelled placements once the paperwork has been processed

  • Do not worry if there are no ideas regarding a future career. It is important to choose something that would be interesting and would be a valuable experience

  • Make sure the placement is easy to get to

  • Discuss work experience with as many people as possible for ideas and inspiration


Here are some websites that offer quizzes to assist with possible career choices, this in turn may help when thinking about work experience and where to go:


Work experience is an enjoyable and rewarding experience and there are lots of people in school to help, in particular I am in school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. There are also tutors, teachers and the Head of Year to help with any questions of concerns.

Start planning early to secure a successful placement.


Sharron Ward                                                                                                       

Work Related Learning and Careers

Telephone: 023 80328200 Email: