Uniform Requirements

All pupils are expected to wear the regulation uniform available on-line from John Lewis, and our in-house suppliers, Direct Clothing. This uniform is expected to be worn both to and from school as well as in school. 


Year 7 only will be wearing our new PE Kit from September 2017.
Only Year 7 are able to wear this PE Kit. Year 7 are not allowed to wear the previous PE kit.
Please purchase it online. It is ONLY available from School Trends
Compulsory (from School Trends):
Elite Fitted Polo Shirt
Elite Sports Shorts or Performance Track Pants
Compulsory (from any supplier):
White socks
Trainers-no canvas plimsolls
One-piece swimming costume, swimming hat and towel.
Large drawstring bag to contain kit
Optional (from School Trends):
Elite 1/4 Neck Sports Top
Fleece Jacket

Years 7 – 11

Winter Uniform

  • Dark navy blazer with school badge (Optional for all year groups)
  • Dark navy blue skirt – regulation style only, length: knee length to mid-calf only.
  • Special school blue long-sleeved shirt blouse worn with school tie. (Y10 and Y11 permitted to wear open neck St Anne’s school blouse without school tie).
  • Dark navy blue V-neck monogrammed official school pullover (cardigans not allowed).
  • Plain coat or navy fleece outer jacket with school logo to be removed once in school and place in their locker. No other garments are allowed.
  • Black or navy low heeled shoes (sandals, canvas, sling-back shoes, trainers or boots are not acceptable).
  • Plain navy blue or white knee-length or ankle socks or beige, navy or black tights (socks or tights must be worn throughout the year).
  • Tailored navy blue regulation trousers may be worn as an alternative to the skirt for winter.


Summer Uniform

  • Special school revered short sleeved shirt blouse.
  • Summer uniform may be worn during the Summer term and up to Autumn half term.


For those pupils who, for religious reasons, wish to cover their heads in school, the head covering should be plain navy blue and worn without any decoration. The navy blue should match the school uniform’s navy blue. The final judgement rests with the school.

If parents need their daughter to wear anything other than the full uniform, they are to contact the headmistress to discuss this further.


P.E. Clothing

  • Navy sports shorts
  • Blue monogrammed sports blouse
  • White socks
  • Trainers – no canvas plimsolls
  • One piece swimming costume, swimming hat and towel
  • Plain navy blue jogging bottoms (no leggings)
  • Large drawstring bag to contain kit


  • Plain navy blue cycling shorts / shorts.
  • Hair bands etc – plain navy blue or black



Jewellery may not be worn; a wrist watch may be worn at the owner’s risk. Small plain studs one per ear lobe, may be worn by girls with pierced ears. No other piercings are permitted.

Acrylic / false nails, nail varnish and make up are not permitted. Hair should be kept neat and tidy and long hair should be tied back – extreme styles, lengths and unnatural colours are not permitted. A small plain metal cross or crucifix may be worn on a plan metal chain.

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