Whether a student is preparing for higher education or for employment, Psychology will provide a valuable insight into human behaviour.



the Sixth Form

There are numerous career options in Psychology ranging from practising psychologists in the NHS, forensic psychologists helping to solve crimes and helping people in a wide range of fields to achieve their goals and work at their best such as sports psychology, educational psychology, occupational psychology and health psychology. Knowledge of psychology is also appreciated in many careers where you need a good understanding of why people behave in the way that they do, for example health, education, business and marketing.

The course content is broad and allows students to consider a wide range of issues from how we are affected by stress to how the behaviour of other people affects our own behaviour. Students study psychological theories and scientific research in areas that currently include: Why are some people more prone to stress than others? What causes mental health problems? Is the media a good or bad influence on young people?

Students will have the opportunity to design and carry out their own practical research activity to experience psychology in action and the analysis of theory and research will help improve their skills of interpretation and evaluation.

Entry requirements

2 Grade Bs (or 5s) and 1 Grade C (or 4) in 3 of the following subjects: Maths, English Language, English Literature, Core Science, Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


The A level is examined through written examinations.

“Students will have opportunities to undertake practical research activities to experience psychology in action.”


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