In a caring Christian community, pastoral care is the concern of each member of staff.  The foundation for pastoral care can be recognised in the school mission statement:  ‘God is at the heart of the curriculum and all aspects of the school life should reflect God’s love for the individual.  Every person imbued with God’s love, deserves justice, respect and equal opportunities.’

All students are therefore encouraged to show a sense of responsibility and a concern for standards and the quality of relationships.  St Anne’s Catholic School attaches great importance to maintaining close and continuous contact with the pupils and their parents. 

Discipline is viewed in the context of relationships and pastoral care.  We try to be firm but kind and to encourage girls to develop a keen sense of personal responsibility.  Standards of behaviour should reflect pupils’ concern and regard for others, both fellow pupils and adults.


Heads of Year (2015 – 2016)

Year 7  -  Miss Taylor (acting on behalf of Mrs Boorman)

Year 8  -  Miss Thompson 

Year 9  -  Miss King 

Year 10 – Miss Stringfellow 

Year 11 – Mrs Trueick 

Sixth form: Mr Matteucci



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